How can I take part in the walkathon?

You will need to get a sponsorship form. Just send an e-mail to coordinatoramchamtaichung@gmail.com and we will e-mail one to you to print. Please include your name, address and telephone number.

您需要一張贊助表格。請將您的姓名、地址及連絡電話e-mail到coordinatoramchamtaichung@gmail.com。我們收到後將會寄贊助 表格給您列印使用。

Where can I get a sponsor form?

Just send an e-mail to coordinatoramchamtaichung@gmail.com and we will email one to you to print. Please include your name, address and telephone number.


Can I bring my family or friends to the event? 

Yes, family, friends, neighbors, and anyone else are welcome. This is a great community event that will raise money for orphaned children. We want to build a strong network of caring people to participate in the walkathon, so you are welcome to persuade anyone who might be interested to join us and to in turn raise money from their friends, family and co-workers, too. They can email us to get a sponsorship form at coordinatoramchamtaichung@gmail.com or they can download a form from this website.


Where can I find parking at the event? 

If you are coming by car, there are a few parking lots near the park. Prices are approximately NT$50 per day. For scooters there are designated parking spaces near the park entrance that cost NT$20 per day. A park official will approach you for payment when you park your scooter.


How do I collect the money?

You can collect the money before or after you complete the walk — whatever is most convenient for you and for the people giving you money. We ask that each person who sponsors you should sign their name on the form to confirm that they have paid.


How do I hand over the money I raised?

We’ve instituted an easy process for transferring sponsor money to the AmCham orphans fund. Please don’t bring your sponsor money to the event. Within a week after the event, simply transfer your sponsor money to the special walkathon account we have set up.

我們已設立一套簡易的方法將所募得款項匯給美國商會孤兒基金專戶。切勿帶您募得款項到活動現場。活動結束後一週內請將 募得款項匯至已設立的健行專戶。

How will the money raised be used?

The money raised will go to the Hsiang Shang Children’s Social Welfare Foundation (The Christian Herald Orphanage and the Daniel A. Poling Memorial Babies Home) to fund their orphan high-school education program and a program delivering milk and juice at lunch to these and other kids.


What is Hsiang Shang Social Welfare Foundation? 

For more information about the charity, please visit their website directly. English and Chinese are available. http://www.child-home.org.tw


What if I want to get an official receipt for the money I have donated?

Please email your name, contact information and the name of the walker who you sponsored to coordinatoramchamtaichung@gmail.com We will issue your receipt after the event has been completed and all funds accounted for.