Hsiang Shang Social Welfare Foundation 向上社會福利基金會


Mr. Kuo Ding-Shun, the Chairman of both Tamkang University’s Liberal Arts and Chinese Children’s Foundation, established Hsiang Shang Children’s Welfare Foundation in 1975. During that time, economy and social welfare were not well established, thus the majority of Taiwan’s charities were run by foreign organizations. However, Mr. Kuo’s strong belief and compassion for helping less fortunate children and great determination eventually gave birth to Hsiang Shang Children’s Welfare Foundation. Hsiang Shang Children’s Welfare Foundation is dedicated to helping out children who lost their parents or desperately need support as well as actively promoting various social welfare needs.

Hsiang Shang Children’s Welfare Foundation further expanded its support for children by managing and financially supporting two well established institutions, Daniel A. Poling Babies Home and Taichung Christian Herald Children’s Home. In 1978, Daniel A. Poling Babies Home was transformed into an institution for children with disabilities, catering mainly to physically-and-mentally disabled children who otherwise had nowhere to go. For more than 30 years, we’ve provided humane and professional assistance to these less fortunate children with comfortable environments. In the future, we hope to continue promoting and integrating resources in our society in order to provide better HOMES for all children.

In order to extend our services not only to children but also elderly, we changed our foundation to Hsiang Shang Social Welfare Foundation in 2008.

本會成立於民國六十四年,創辦人郭頂順先生當時為淡江文理學院及台灣基督教兒童福利基金會董事長,因 恤懷仁厚,心繫社會中諸多孤苦孩童亟需關懷、扶助,乃竭盡心力熱忱奉獻。更鑑於國內社會慈善事業多由 外籍人士經營,憑藉個人理念與努力創設了【向上兒童福利基金會】,積極凝聚國人力量推動各項社會福利。

爾後,正式接辦台中育嬰院及台中光音育幼院,扶持貧困幼童;民國六十七年,前董事長郭東星先生為拓展 關懷領域,逐漸將台中育嬰院轉型成身心障礙機構,收容極重度、重度身心障礙者,以人性化的專業經營與 耕耘,提供弱勢族群健全的成長環境。

民國九十七年,為擴大服務對象,正式更名為【向上社會福利基金會】,將服務內容由兒童福利拓展至全面性 的社會福利工作,期盼能夠拋磚引玉,結合社會更多的愛心與資源,一同為這塊土地上的弱勢族群努力!