Our Intention

It takes a village to raise a child.
– African proverb

Each orphaned child requires NT$50,000 per semester to cover high school tuition fees, books and meals. With 10 children to support the need for funding is crucial. 

每位孤兒孩童每學期高中所需 30,000 元的學費、書費及餐費。 以這些款項扶養這 10 名孩童是艱難的

It takes a village to raise a child and so this event aims to bring the people of Taichung together as a community to participate in a healthy and fun way to raise money for orphaned children. Supported by Mayor Hu and organized by us, the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), we are looking for upwards of 1,000 walkers to join us in a walk through Taichung’s popular Metropolitan Park on October 28th 2012.

主要帶領台中市民以健康又有趣的方式為孤兒募款。有台中市胡市長的支持及台中美國商會的策劃,我們正在找 1000 名 以上願意在 2012/10/28 加入我們一起在台中都會公園健行的人。

Each person who wishes to come and walk with us should try to raise as much money as they can from their friends, families and coworkers in support of them taking part in this event. The money raised will be used to fund the high school education of disadvantaged orphaned children at the Hsiang Shang Children’s Foundation which is based in Taichung.

每位想加入健行的人須盡你所能試著向親朋好友及同事募款來支持你參加此活動。募款所得將用於向上社會福利基金會 的孩童們上高中的學費。

We share the belief that education is very important to the future of any child. It is important to us to acknowledge that there are many children in our own community here in Taichung who are at a serious disadvantage once they reach high school age. Therefore, we at AmCham aim to provide a brighter future for these and other children through our KIDZ Charity Program. It is also important to note that the costs to run this event are minimal and more than 93% of the money raised at this event will go directly to helping the foundation.

相信我們都知道教育對每位孩童來說是很重要的。而對我們來說了解我們社區裡有許多已到高中適讀年齡但卻無法上高 中的孩童有很多是很重要。因此台中美國商會想要透過兒童慈善方案替這些孩童募款帶來更好的未來。本次所募集之全 額用來執行此活動的費用是很低的,超過百分之 93 的款項將直接成為孩童的教育基金。

We hope you can come and be a part of this new and fresh idea to bring our community together and raise the funding needed to support these disadvantaged children and give them the future that they need and deserve.